Why do I need to submit a pre-order?

We want to have everything ready for you when you arrive on Christmas Day so we ask if you can pre-order your food choices in advance.

How do I submit a pre-order?

You can manage your booking via the online guest portal accessed from the link in your booking confirmation email or from the 'place your order' button in the preorder email. 

Add your guests' names to the booking. 

If you wish you can also add their email address to send them a link to the portal so that they can enter their own menu choices.  Alternatively, you can order for everyone by simply adding the menu choices for each guest. Make sure you click 'complete order' for each guest to finalise their choices. You'll notice the knife and fork icon change colour when the order has been completed.  

What should I do if I have an allergy?

If you or anyone in your party has any allergies, intolerances, or dietary requirements, please notify the restaurant directly for the pre-order and inform your server of this when you arrive for dining.  Please check our allergen information at the time of your visit to check for changes.

What is the 'guest portal'?

This is where you go online to manage your booking and select your meals when the preorder is available.  You can access the portal from the link in your booking confirmation email.  Simply enter your last name that you used when you made the booking to login.

Do I have to invite guests or can I submit the pre-order on their behalf?

You can order on behalf of your guests or share a link to the portal for each guest to enter their own menu choices.  Please make sure you enter your guests' name accurately as we will use these on the day when we serve your meal.

How do I pre-order for my children?

Please enter your child's first name and then choose from the children's menu option. You don't need to enter an email address for children.

What should I do if I don't have an email address for my guests?

Don't worry if you don't have an email address for your guests.  You are still able to submit their pre-order via the portal on their behalf. Please do make sure you enter their name into the portal through so that we know who's having which meal.

What should I do if my guest doesn't get the email invite?

If one of your guests doesn't receive the email link please ask them to check their spam folder.  If they still can't find it please login to the guest portal, remove them from the booking and then add them back onto the booking.  This will resend their attendee invitation.  Alternatively, you can submit their pre-order on their behalf via the guest portal.

What happens with my deposit?

When you book for Christmas Day, we ask you to pay a deposit to secure your booking.  This deposit can be redeemed on the day of dining and is taken off your final bill payment.  

How do I pay the balance of my Christmas Day booking?

Please pop into site or give us a call to talk through the options

What happens if I don't want a starter or dessert?

This isn't currently possible via the online guest portal.  Please give us a call. Alternatively can you treat someone else in your party?

Can I choose a meal from the children's menu if I am an adult?

This isn't currently possible via the online guest portal.  Please give us a call so we can take your pre-order details.

What happens if one of my party can't make it?

Give us a call and we'll amend the booking for you.

How do I add/remove attendees?

You can add and remove attendee names from the pre-order by using the online guest portal but please call us to amend the overall party size of your booking as this is not currently possible online.

It hasn't saved choices for some of my party - what have I done wrong?

It can take some time to update but don't worry - sometimes refreshing the page will help.  Please make sure your guests 'complete order' when they’ve finished selecting their menu. The knife and fork icon will change colour.

When do I need to submit my pre-order by?

Please submit your pre-order as soon as possible. We aim to close the pre-order window at the end of November.

What do I do if I miss the pre-order deadline?

Please give us a call and we can enter your pre-order on your behalf.